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VNAF Model Aircraft of Minnesota: English Language. Much more than a model aircraft forum, the webpages on this site offer an extensive reference of photos, texts, and histories related to the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces in general, as well as the US involvement in Vietnam.

Nha Ky Thuat:Vietnamese and English Language. Host page for a collection of informative blogs written on topics of RVN history and veterans / community events, mostly in California.

Thu Duc Academy Alumni Website: Vietnamese Language. Website covering veterans' events of Thu Duc Officers' Academy Almuni and history. Lots of photos and information on the Thu Duc officers academy, the students who passed through its doors, and events pertinent to the ARVN veterans community today.

Thu Duc Infantry Academy Alumni Website (Alternate): Vietnamese Language. Alternate website covering Thu Duc alumni, history, and events.

Colonel Ngo The Linh Website: Vietnamese and English Language. Informative website on The Republic of Vietnam Special Forces and Colonel Ngo The Linh.

BietDongQuan.Com: Vietnamese and English Language. Detailed website covering the history of the ARVN Rangers and present veterans group activities.

Hoc Vien CSQC:Vietnamese Language. National Field Police veterans website with informative pages on the history and service of members of this branch.

Vietnamese National Military Academy Alumni Association Website: Vietnamese Language. Informative website covering the history and veterans activities of the RVN officers academy at Dalat.

Vietnamese National Military Academy Alumni Association Website: Vietnamese Language. Alternate website of the above.

Homepage of HVB/BCL: Vietnamese Language. Website covering activities of the Vietnamese veterans and Vietnamese community in California.

Quan Canh Houston: Vietnamese Language. Houston based website for veterans of the Quan Canh (ARVN Military Police). Detailed website with photos and text of the QC branch and veterans events.

Vietnam Helicopter Images and Artifacts Online Museum:English Language. Collection of Vietnam War Era Helicopter Warfare pieces, photos, and texts.

81st Airborne Ranger- Vietnamese Special Forces Association:Vietnamese and English Language. Informative website detailing the 81st Ranger-Airborne unit and Vietnamese Special Forces with photos and text, as well as veterans activities.

ARVN 9th Infantry Division Website:Vietnamese Language. Website dedicated to the ARVN 9th Infantry Division with photos and text.

General Hieu Website:Vietnamese, English, French, and Spanish Language. Detailed website on the life and times of General Hieu as well as other ARVN Senior Officers.

RVN Political Warfare College Association: Vietnamese Language. Political Warfare School alumni association website with detailed information on the school's history, and veterans' events. Vietnamese Language. RVN Navy veterans association website, chronicling history and veterans activities.

RVN Navy Website:Vietnamese Language. San Jose based RVN Navy veterans website chronicling activities in the San Jose Vietnamese community.

Soi Bien: Vietnamese Language. RVN 2nd Marine Battalion webpage with text on the history of the unit.

Vietnamese Veterans Association of San Francisco: Vietnamese Language. Webpage for the San Francisco RVN Veterans Group. Language. Website dedicated to the ARVN Airborne Branch's history and veterans, informative history.

TQLC Vietnam:Vietnamese and English Language. RVN Vietnamese Marine Veterans Association website, detailed histories and photos of the TQLC.

Hai Su: Vietnamese Language. RVN Navy history and veterans website, offering the sale of an authoritative text on the RVN Navy.

ARVN 18th Infantry Division Veterans Homepage: Vietnamese Language. Website for veterans of the ARVN 18th Division. Photos and text of the division's history and veterans activities.

ARVN Armor Association Homepage: Vietnamese Language. Veterans website of the ARVN Armor Branch. Regular posts and informative branch history.

Binh Long Anh Dung:Vietnamese Language. Detailed blog covering topics on the 1972 Anloc / Binh Long Battle and region.

Battle of Xuan Loc:Vietnamese Language. Detailed blog covering topics on the 1975 Xuan Loc Battle.

6th Class - National Police Academy:Vietnamese Language. Website for the 6th Class of the National Police Field Academy.

ARVN Artillery Association Website: Vietnamese Language. Artillery veterans of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam website with photos, histories, and veterans affairs news.

Canh Thep: Vietnamese Language. VNAF focused web forum/veterans site.

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