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ARVN K-9 Dog Unit Insignia

Date: 1960s-70s

Description: Printed on cotton, ARVN K-9 Handlers School and units 2-11 sleeve patches. ARVN K-9s and their handlers operated in the same tasks as the K-9 units of militaries around the World. Bomb detection, security, tracking, and other tasks were common activities of these units. The patches shown above are all the patches known to have been issued as insignia for ARVN K-9 units. The patch at top left is for the K-9 Handlers School, and the remainder are for the K-9 Units 2-11. The School is considered to be the 1st K-9 Unit, thus the remaining units are numbered 2-11.

ARVN K-9s and Their Handlers on parade, late 1960s.

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