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Saigon Made Military RVN Flag

Date: 1960s-70s.

Description: Silk-rayon, fringe, Regimental Size, Saigon maker marked. National colors for Republic of Vietnam military units were of much higher quality than those used by civilian and other governmental organizations, which usually were made of simple cloth. Official military national colors had fringe, were made of better quality material, and usually tailor marked. The flag shown here also bears the marking of the RVN quatermaster branch. The flag is regimental size, and would have been carried along with a unit flag and branch flag. Typically, the military national colors were kept as the flag shown here, but were occassionally embroidered with unit designation as well, and sometimes used with such designation in lieu of a separate unit flag.

Military style RVN flag at a VNAF ceremony, 1970s.
Military style RVN flag with unit embroidery, 1960s.

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