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Army Transportation Unit Football Team Guidon

Date: 1960s

Description: Multipiece construction, embroidered lettering with fringe, and silk transportation branch patch. This guidon is for a football team from the 2nd Supply and Security Battalion (Army Transportation Branch). The 2nd Battalion was under the command of the 2nd Military Region. This guidon commemorates a game played on April 25, 1971. Football was (and is) a popular sport in Vietnam. The Republic of Vietnam was one of first Southeast Asian nations to join FIFA, and was a founding member of the Southeast Asian Peninsular Games (SEAP), today known as the Southeast Asian Games (SEA). Republic of Vietnam military units often organized football teams from among their personnel to play against other military units or civilian clubs. Such activities helped to maintain morale and boost comradery. Guidons were commonly created to commemorate games, and would often hold pride and place in unit mess halls and headquarters.

Members of the Republic of Vietnam team at the Southeast Asian Peninsular Games (SEAP) in 1959 with game commemoration guidon.

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