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Republic of Vietnam Navy Sailor's Cap


Description: White cotton material with naval crossed anchor embroidered patch. This pattern of sailor cap was made popular by the United States navy, and is often referred to as a "Dixie cap" (in reference to the disposable paper drinking cup popularized by the Dixie brand name). Caps with this style insignia were most common in the Republic of Vietnam Navy during the late 1950s through 1960s. By the 1970s, sailor caps devoid of insignia were more common. However, caps with the crossed anchor insignia continued to be in use to some degree by naval personnel through 1975. Different variations of this insignia existed. This piece represents the more detailed variant. These caps also varied by color with black, grayish-blue, and white (this example) in use.

Sailor in similar cap, Nha Trang, 1969.

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