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QC - Quan Canh - Military Police Helmet

Dated: 1960-70s

Description:US M1 Helmet liner, QC - Quan Canh insignia. The ARVN military police served the same functions as the military police of any army, intensified during a continual period of conflict. The QC was responsible for the internal security of the military as well as other functions such as the overseeing of POWs. They operated in all branches of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam, and also served in the roles of civil policemen when needed. Military police helmets always featured a "QC" (Quan Canh) on the front with variations for the insignia in the circles present on both sides of the helmet. These circles were sometimes plain white, but in other instances were used to denote specific unit/branch affiliations.

Members of the Military Police forming an honor guard for Nguyen Cao Ky and General Hoang Xuan Lam, mid-1960s.

The photo showing the honor guard above displays a "I" in the left side circle, denoting military policemen from the 1st Military Region. Photos of troops with similar helmets showing a "KS" or "TC" instead of "QC" signify soldiers on "patrol" who were from non-military police units temporarily assigned to the military police branch to assist in security. These helmets are faked today as much as Ranger and other ARVN insignia denoted helmets. The helmet shown here is an original example, seldom encountered.

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