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ARVN 7th Infantry Division Officer's Uniform

Dated: 1961

Description: Short sleeve khaki shirt with silk 7th Infantry Division and 3rd Military Region patches, 1st Lieutenant rank. The 7th Division operated under both the 3rd and 4th military regions at different points, and was one of the most predominant ARVN infantry formations of the war. Officer's rank was either worn on the collar, epaulettes, or chest, and Military Region patches were usually worn on the right shoulder, but can also be seen on pockets. Khaki shirts and trousers were the most profilic military clothing in the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces, worn from the birth of the republic through 1975.

ARVN officers in khaki shirts during training in the US, circa late 1960s. The officer at right is identified as Lt. Colonel Nguyen Ba Manh Hung, commander of the 8th and 43rd Infantry Regiments during different periods.

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