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RVN "Ranger" Camouflage Uniform

Dated: 1969

Description: Reinforced shoulders and elbows, 2 pockets, heavyweight cloth. This pattern, usually refered to as "Ranger" pattern appeared in the mid-1960s, and by 1975 was the most common standard issue camouflage in use by the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. Early photos of this pattern almost exclusively show it in use by Ranger formations, thus the term "Ranger" pattern is used, though it is unknown whether officially this pattern was specifically designed for Ranger troops. As time passed, this pattern was seen more frequently in use by Airborne, regular army, and Marine units as well as others. This pattern was done in both a heavyweight cloth (similar to green fatigues) and lightweight poplin material, and in later periods was produced mostly in 4 pocket format.

President Thieu visiting the 83rd Ranger Battalion in "Ranger" camouflage at Duc Hue camp.

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