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ARVN Tiger Stripe Camouflage

Dated: 1960s

Description: Heavyweight, 2 pockets, ARVN pattern cut. Several main and many more minor variations of tigerstripe camouflage were worn by personnel in different branches of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam. The shirt shown here is arguably the most "common" pattern. Some have labeled this particular variation as "ARVN Classic". Variations also exist in pattern cut. The one shown here is similar to the pattern of an ARVN issue fatigue, and is marked in "AM" (Asian Medium), which suggests this was an ARVN as opposed to a US piece. Tiger stripes were commonly worn by Special Forces and reconnaissance units. Special patterns also existed for Marines, but photographic examples can be found of tiger stripe being used as well by VNAF, National Police, Naval, and other branches.

Members of an ARVN Special Forces unit preparing for an operation, late 1960s.

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