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ARVN Officer Dress Uniform

Dated: 1960-70s

Description: Brown wool, 4 pockets, name tag, service ribbons, engineer branch insignia, and captain rank. This brown wool uniform is an example of one of the three versions of dress uniform employed in the ARVN, the other two being khaki and white. All of these versions followed the same basic pattern cut, reminiscent of United States military dress uniforms of the period. Rank (officer or enlisted) was generally displayed on the epaulettes, either in the form of shoulder boards or slides (as in this example), but instances of enlisted uniforms with sleeve rank can also sometimes be seen in period photographs. This particular uniform is named to an officer who served in the engineering branch. The service ribbons denote the technical service medal, good conduct medal fourth class, campaign medal with a 1960 year clasp, and military service medal. Dress uniforms of this type were in use by all brances of the army, including the regular army, rangers, airborne, and regional forces.

An instructor (captain rank) at the Thu Duc Officer School in brown dress uniform, late 1960s.

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