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ARVN ERDL Camouflage Variant

Dated: 1968

Description: Seldom encountered variation of South Vietnamese manufactured ERDL camouflage, believed to have been produced for a short period in the late 1960s. Reinforced shoulders and elbows. As with standard ARVN ERDL this pattern can be seen in period photographs in use by various branches of the South Vietnamese military; regular army, airborne, and rangers to name a few. This particular item was one of two brought back by a US serviceman in 1969 following a tour with the 573rd Logistical Command. The story goes he wore this shirt at home for a while before a family member washed it, and it shrunk. He then stored this one in a duffle bag, while he continued to wear the other shirt until it eventually was discarded. This shirt was acquired directly from the Vet in 2005.

The officer on the right can be seen wearing this pattern. Photo circa 1960s.

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