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RVN Naval Officer White Uniform - Hải quân Việt Nam Cộng ḥa

Dated: 1960-70s

Description: White heavyweight cotton, RVN Naval buttons, two breast pockets, loops for shoulder boards. The Republic of Vietnam naval officer full dress uniform was similar to that of navies around the world. Rank was displayed through slide on shoulder boards. The tunic shown here has rank for a commander. The rank insignia is original as is the tunic, though the rank has been added here as a display example, it is unknown what the original rank of the owner of this uniform was. This uniform would have been worn by any officer rank from cadet/ensign to admiral. During its period of existence, the Republic of Vietnam boasted one of the largest navies in the World with over 40,000 service members and nearly 1,000 vessels.

RVN Naval Cadet Officers in White Uniforms at Nha Trang, 1960s.

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