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Revolutionary / Rural Development Cadre Uniform

Dated: 1960s

Description: Black cotton rural garment, 3 pockets, with unit scarf and insignia. Sometimes referred to as the "Revolutionary Development Cadre", the organization was more commonly known in English as the "Rural Development Cadre". This organization was a collection of "locally" organized groups responsible for civic activities in support of the government of the Republic of Vietnam, such as social welfare programs, education, dissemination of government material, supplies, and construction. They worked closely with the People's Self Defense Force (many being members of both organizations), and at times also acted in a military role. This particular uniform came from the estate of a US serviceman. The color of the red scarf is believed to denote a specific province/unit, but as of yet we have been unable to determine an exact identification.

Members of the Republic of Vietnam's People's Self Defense Force on duty, circa 1960s.

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