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VNAF - Vietnamese Air Force Officer's Flightsuit

Dated: 1972

Description:US made CWU-27/P flightsuit, tailored down to fit a smaller stature, with VNAF major rank and VNAF flightsuit name tag reading what appears to be "V.LOC" or "T.LOC". A large fraction of VNAF flightwear was of US military manufacture. This suit was originally a size 40-Short, but has had the arms and legs tailored down. This suit was discovered in a storage unit in California, and considering the date, it is easy to imagine this being a suit worn by a VNAF pilot-crewman during the evacuation in 1975.

VNAF officers General Tran Van Minh and Colonel Nguyen Huy Anh (In CWU-27/P) with army General Ngo Quang Truong.

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